snow day!

We have been working super non-stop hard lately & thought it was about time to take a day off & enjoy the snow. Back to work again tomorrow of course, but for today we let loose & had a blast.

Our BFF Joel came to visit & we had such a great time getting out & shooting for fun, which doesn't happen nearly enough.

This is kind of a conglomerate of images from the three of us... the individual photos are by me & Tres, & the photos of the two of us together are shot by Joel (all with some inContrast editing magic). Be sure & click the photos to make them bigger - there are a few that just can't be thoroughly appreciated until viewed full size. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed your snow day as much as we did!

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  1. Love the pics here! Had a great time with you guys today! Thank you so much! <3 Mr & Mrs. Steele