mt + jim // engagement ceremony . raleigh nc

We were so excited to shoot MT & Jim's engagement ceremony this summer! It was our first Vietnamese engagement ceremony, so it was a lot of fun to be a part of this important traditional event leading up to their big day. I really enjoyed getting to learn a little about both the bride's Vietnamese & groom's Taiwanese heritage.

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A procession of the groom's family carried gifts wrapped in the lucky colors of red & gold as an offering to the bride's family for her hand in marriage.

Betel leaves & Areca nuts, tea, cookies, wine, sweet red rice, & fruit were all traditional gifts used in the ceremony.

After the procession, Jim's family asked MT's family for her hand in marriage & of course they gladly accepted. :) During the tea ceremony, MT & Jim offered tea to their parents in return for their blessings & lots of good advice on how to maintain a happy marriage.

In the meditation room, the couple bowed at the alter & performed an incense offering. They also bowed to their deceased grandparents & ancestors to ask for their blessings to be married.

Loved this series as Jim gave MT her engagement ring. Her face is priceless! :) Wish we had the chance to shoot this exciting moment for all of our couples!

[ Van Hanh Pagoda's Lion Dance Troupe ] did an awesome job on the lion dance! They did all kinds of impressive acrobatics & put on a really fun show.

I am pretty sure MT & Jim are one of the most adorable couples I've ever seen! :)

Their family put a lot of hard work into creating a delicious Vietnamese feast. They did a fantastic job & we really appreciated their hospitality in inviting us to eat the yummy meal with them!

I love how much this family enjoys each other. There were so many smiles & laughs all around during the toasts - and the whole rest of the day for that matter!

This has to be one of the most musically inclined families I've ever been around. We had a blast listening to everyone sing & play guitar.

MT & Jim - thank you again for letting us photograph your special day!

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