matt + chrissy // wedding . atlantic beach nc

First off, it is a tell-tale sign that you are shooting a fun couple when they get Superman comic books as a wedding gift. :) Love it!

Matt & Chrissy had a laid-back wedding with a group of their closest friends & family at Atlantic Beach. Everybody got dressed at the house, with the girls on the top floor...

and everyone else downstairs.

The little pearls & details on Chrissy's dress couldn't have been more perfect for a beach wedding.

The ceremony was supposed to be held on the beach, but a tropical storm had come through overnight & it was too windy to have the ceremony outside... but never too windy to keep us from getting some great shots of the bride & groom on the beach afterward!

#2 indicator of awesomeness: they braved the wind & walked through the sand & surf IN their wedding clothes, ON their wedding day. Can it get more awesome than that?? I don't think so.

I think this might be my favorite. Chrissy looks so peaceful.

P.S. - How fun is speedo guy from Germany that we met on the beach? Chrissy's mom literally pulled him out of the water to take a few shots with us. I thought I would die laughing. And it couldn't have been more convenient, since one of the bridesmaids speaks fluent German & was able to translate!

Then back to the house for some dancing & cake smashing fun. :)

This shot from over the top of the cake was totally Matt's idea. Fun to get a new perspective on things every once in a while.

#3... need I say more?

Thank you guys again for making us a part of your day!

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  1. Hey Chrissy,
    my favorites are 2,3,9 and 10.
    Style wise, I think the best picture is the 9th and the best
    picture of you is the 10th.