rebekah + steve // wedding . burlington nc

Rebekah & Steve's wedding was held at the [ First Baptist Church of Burlington ]. Both Rebekah & Steve's fathers officiated the ceremony together, which made for a really unique & personal ceremony. The reception was held at [ Elon University's ] Moseley Center, so we were happy to be able to explore Elon's beautiful campus beforehand & shoot some great shots of the bride & groom.

Rebekah & Steve's wedding was the start of what has been a crazy marathon of weddings this summer, so there will be much more blogging to come soon!!


  1. Lovely photographs!
    My oldest daughter is an extremely talented amateur photographer. Funny story: she used to take pictures all the time on her little $80 digital camera that she got for her 16th birthday (2 yrs. ago). Seriously, people would run screaming when they saw her, because they knew she had a quick shutter finger. I scrimp and save for two years and finally manage to afford an eight hundred dollar camera for her 18th birthday and all of a sudden, she hates taking pictures.
    Hmm... not so funny, huh?
    She's not a bad kid or ungrateful and she still gets a lot of use out of the camera. She just says that she lost interest.
    I don't know why I wrote all that. I really just meant to say that your pictures are breathtaking!

  2. First of all I am a graduate of Elon University and I always thought it would be a great place for bridal photography. Thanks for proving my point. These shots are lovely.